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Lot 1 - Dubas Miss Blackbird 311

[10/17/19] Dubas Cattle Co. - Online Fall Sale


Sold for $3,600.00

* Prices listed are unofficial. Contact seller for official sale results

Additional Information

Reg Num 19529684
Date Of Birth 8/10/2019
Sex Heifer
Tattoo 311
Dam CCC Blackbird 1508
Sire Jindra Acclaim


This special sale attraction is an elite daughter of the high $Beef, high-growth Jindra Acclaim back to a daughter of SAV 707 Rito 9969 and the featured Riverbend Blackbird 4301. This featured Blackbird female stems from a dam that records %IMF 2@101, UREA 2@101 and a grandam that records WR 1@118, YR 1@116, %IMF 23@104, UREA 23@102. Dam of this elite heifer calf is a maternal sister to the legendary Sandpoint Blackbird 8809, who sold for $220,000 for one-half interest for a $440,000 valuation through the 2012 sale at Vintage Angus Ranch and her progeny in total sales is closing in at $3 million in progeny sales to date. Dam's maternal sister, Sandpoint Blackbird 8809 is the mother to an array of AI sires that includes the record-selling VAR Powerplay 7018, VAR Generation 2100, VAR Index 3282 and VAR Rubicon 5414 along with past top-selling females that include the $200,000 Vintage Blackbird 7260, the $280,000 Vintage Blackbird 7203, the $210,000 Vintage Blackbird 7184, the $155,000 Vintage Blackbird 6039, the $260,000 Vintage Blackbird 5415 and the $300,000 VAR Blackbird 2189. This female sells with a registered Angus Recip. Reg. No. 17154785. Tattoo: 311.